Night/Shift key visual


We spent two months as artists in residence at Tentacles Gallery in Bangkok experiencing the local art/design scene as well as exploring local material culture and  taking various modes of transport: taxi, boat, metro etc. After a while we became a bit more adventurous and started taking the local (non-airconditioned) bus, which is both very cheap and very slow; A journey that can be done in 10 minutes by taxi can take from 40 mins to 2 hours by bus. During these journeys we were inspired by the idea of the bus as a destination instead of a means of getting from point A to B. We realised that it doesn’t matter where we’re going to or where to get off. What is interesting is what happens inside the bus and in the immediate surroundings of the bus. We aimed to recreate of experience of slow travel, allowing ourselves to be bored in a good way. This sensation we tried to capture in our film Night/Shift.

Night/Shift still 1


By taking the same route so many times, we noticed patterns in events and behaviours that repeat themselves on different days, with different people. Similar to changing channels on tv, the bus brings you to different types of scenarios. Every time the bus stops, you see a different scene going on with different people, framed by the doors or windows. In this type of bus, without air-conditioning, open doors and windows, the barrier between the inside and outside world is very thin. As the bus can stand still, or be stuck in traffic for long periods of time, this allows the outside world to permeate into the inside of the bus. Sounds and scents travel through the barrier to the inside and city lights are projected onto the aluminium ceiling of the bus, creating spectacular light shows.

Night/Shift still 2


The first screening of Night/Shift was at Tentacles Gallery on 5 November 2017. It will also be screened at the 22nd Thai Short Film and Video Festival‘s Film Marathon on 26 August 2018, held at the Thai Film Archive.

For an impression of the film, check out the trailer below and please contact us if you would like more information about the film or screenings.